Structural Repair And Rehabilitation Consultancy

KBPCES integrates technology-driven solutions for repair and rehabilitation to make any structures stronger and last longer. KBPCES is recognized as the leader in developing innovative repair and rehabilitation solutions to the most challenging structural problems with a reputation for quality, client satisfaction.

Our Consultancy Services includes:

  • Conducting structural audit/ Non-Destructive Testing of Structure.
  • Determine Nature & Scope of Repairs/ Retrofitting.
  • Providing Design/ Drawings/ Cost estimate/Specifications for the proposed repair work.
  • Helping client in Tender documentation for selection of contractor.
  • Supervising/ Quality control of the material and work as per the specifications.

Some of the Retrofitting Techniques are:

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  • Addition of Shear wall/ Bracing/Infill wall/ Wing wall/ Dampers etc.
  • Jacketing of RCC Column, Beam by using Steel Plate, Concrete, Fiber/ Glass Fiber.
  • Strengthening of Footings by addition of size and reinforcement.
  • Strengthening RCC Slab with Uni-directional fibers/ Over Slabbing/Shortcreting.
  • Steel Plate/GRPF/FRP bonding of Structural Connections.
  • Water proofing by Injection grouting/ Chemicals.
  • External Prestressing of Concrete Structural Components.
  • Specialty protective/ anti-carbonation/ epoxy Coatings

We offer Solution for Structural repair / rehabilitation for:

  • Damage due to Earthquake, Fire, Blast, Vibrations etc.
  • Construction Deficiencies (Poor concrete / workmanship/ Misplaced Reinforcement)
  • Design Deficiencies (Undersize Member/ Reinforcement/ Undergrade Concrete)
  • Severe Exposure Condition (Corrosion/ chemical attack)
  • Aging of Structure/ Deterioration of Concrete.
  • Settlement, Foundation problems.
  • Change in Code/ Seismic Upgrade/ Increased Loads.